Choosing the right Bags, Part 1

This month we would like to take a look at the vast array of

bags that we supply at Packaging Supplies, similar to our blogs on boxes we

will break these down into smaller chunks, starting off this week’s blog with a

range of different types of polythene bag.


Polythene Bags

Clear polythene bags are economical and can be used for a wide range

of industries.  They offer protection

against dust, dirt and moisture and are supplied in various grades.  All of the polythene bags are food grade


Light duty polythene bags are ideally suited for

lightweight items such as clothing, instruction booklets, foodstuffs and soft


Medium duty polythene bags are used throughout a range of

industries including fashion, groceries, pet food and publishing.

Heavy duty polythene

bags can be used for DIY products and for building or gardening items such as

sand or pebbles etc.


we only stock light and medium grade bags in our online shop we can supply

polythene bags in a heavier grade. 

Please contact Packaging Supplies for more information and prices.

Grip Seal Bags


seal bags or mini grip bags are a self seal bag of medium duty.  The grip seal bags are also transparent and

are supplied in either clear or with a write on panel for quick and easy

identification of your items.

Grip seal bags offer a good protection against moisture, dust and dirt

and are suitable for use with food.  The

mini grip bags have a squeeze and seal closure for continual re-use.  The bags are particularly useful for keeping

items in storage.


Polythene Tubing

Layflat polythene tubing is supplied on a roll. It is a continuous

length of polythene tubing that can be cut and sealed to create custom bags of

almost any size. 

Layflat tubing protects against dust, dirt and moisture.  As per the polythene bags, layflat tubing can

be sealed using twist ties or by using a heat sealer or bag neck sealer.

The layflat tubing available to buy in our online shop is clear and

supplied in a heavy duty gauge.  However,

layflat tubing can be manufactured in other colours and gauges with a fast

turnaround.  Please contact Packaging

Supplies for further information and prices.



Packaging Supplies offer a high quality polythene black refuse

sack.  These refuse sacks can be used for

both domestic and industrial use.

Refuse sacks can also be

printed and supplied in different colours for easy identification.  Please contact us for further information on


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