Buying Protective Packaging from Packaging Supplies, Part 2

This week we look at a range of paper packaging used for protecting your items in transit.

Corrugated Paper Rolls

Packaging Supplies have a good range of different widths of corrugated paper rolls available to buy online.

Corrugated paper can be scrunched up or layered and used to wrap around or in-between items that are being transported.  Corrugated paper provides effective cushioning protection against impact damage and can reduce vibration damage during transit.

Corrugated paper rolls have the benefit of being economical, lightweight, bio-degradable and fully recyclable.

Pure Kraft Paper Rolls

Packaging Supplies have both Pure Kraft paper rolls and Kraft Union Paper rolls. Both of these are a high quality brown wrapping paper which is strong, presentable and ideal for wrapping parcels for dispatch.  The kraft union paper has an additional water resistant layer making it a good water resistant wrapping paper.

You can also purchase one of our Counter Roll Holders for dispensing kraft paper.

Tissue Paper

Packaging Supplies stock a machine glazed tissue paper, which gives it a shiny appearance on one side and a matte finish on the other. The tissue paper is supplied acid free in white (Alpine).

Acid free tissue paper is suitable for wrapping silverware and jewellery and should not cause damage to delicate items. Tissue paper can be used for a variety of other applications such as wrapping clothing, shoes or gifts.

Other Protective

Packaging available from Packaging Supplies: Pallet Covers Loose Boxed, Pallet Covers on the roll, Centre folded Polythene Sheets, Pallet Top Sheets, Bubble Bags, Bubble Rolls, Loosefill, Paper Nuts and Tardis Paper. Visit our online shop today!