Buying Protective Packaging – Part 1

Packaging Supplies have a large range of different products available to buy online in our Protective Packaging section.  This week we talk about just of a few of those which are mainly used to protect pallets and other bulky items in storage or transit

Clear Shrink Pallet Covers

Pallet covers are used for protecting your pallets in outside storage areas and/or during transit.  Once heat-shrinked, the pallet covers are capable of protecting against the elements, dust and dirt.  In our online shop we also have a range of Heat Shrink equipment available at competitive prices.

The pallet covers can be purchased on the roll or loose in boxes.

Pallet Top Sheets

Pallet top sheets are designed to help contain the load and offer a degree of protection against the elements.  The pallet top sheet lays over the top part of the pallet and would then be stretch wrapped to secure in place.  We supply these perforated on the roll.

Centre folded Polythene Sheeting

As well as being used to protect pallets, centre folded polythene sheeting is also used to protect other bulky items, for example cabinets, sofas or beds.  In addition to this, it is often used in the building trade as a protective floor covering.

Centre folded polythene sheeting is supplied on a roll and once pulled from the roll unfolds to double the width.

Other Protective

Packaging available from Packaging Supplies Online Shop: Kraft Paper, Tissue Paper, Corrugated Rolls, Bubble Rolls, Bubble Bags, Loosefill, Paper Nuts and Tardis Paper