Buying Boxes from Packaging Supplies, Part 5

To complete our weekly blogs on ‘Buying Boxes from Packaging Supplies’ we will look at the last two styles in our online shop within the Boxes category which are Archive Boxes & Flight Cases.

Archive Boxes:

Archive storage boxes are an excellent solution for storing your records and files. Archive storage boxes have an integral lid and will keep your documents clean and dust free while in storage.  To make lifting and carrying easier these cardboard storage boxes are designed with semi cut out hand holes.

The archive boxes are sturdy and stackable (depending on the contained weight). They are supplied flat packed for storage when not in use and can be made up without the need for taping. The archive boxes you can buy in our online shop are supplied plain, however we can arrange for storage boxes to be manufactured with your own print requirements. Please contact Packaging Supplies for more information on printed archive storage boxes.

Flight Cases:

Flight cases provide exceptional protection for shipping.  You could use them for media transit, tools, instrumentation or sports equipment. The Flight cases available through our online shop are lockable plywood cases, with re-enforced aluminium corners. They are waterproof and have a thick inner foam lining. We have a range of standard sizes below but we can arrange for your flight cases to be made to your own specification, we can include additional padding or print them with your company logo. Please contact us for more information on custom made flight cases.

Also available to buy from Packaging Supplies are Singe Wall Boxes, Double Wall Boxes, Bespoke Custom made Boxes, BDCM Boxes, Heavy Duty Export Boxes, Printed Boxes, Pallet Containers, Bookwraps, Cardboard Trays and Printer Ream Boxes.