Buying Boxes from Packaging Supplies, Part 1

In our online shop we stock a wide range of Single Wall Cardboard Boxes and Double Wall Boxes.  For high volume discounts or Bespoke Boxes, please contact our sales team.

Single Wall Cardboard Boxes:

Single wall boxes are lightweight cardboard boxes that are a cost effective way to pack, store or ship products.  The smaller boxes can be used for packing all kinds of items, while the larger boxes are ideal for using as an outer layer for smaller boxes or for packing and storing lightweight products.

Single wall cardboard boxes (also known as corrugated boxes), are made from using a single wall board.  All of our stock range of cardboard boxes are in a brown corrugated board and in the traditional 0201 Fefco style, however bespoke boxes can also be manufactured white and/or printed.

Double Wall Cardboard Boxes:

Double wall cardboard boxes are used for packing heavier items or where additional strength and rigidity are required.  If you are packing items that will be carrier dispatched, a double wall box can offer much more protection than a single wall cardboard box.

Packaging Supplies have a good range of double wall cardboard boxes which you can buy in our online shop.  Volume or bespoke Double wall boxes can also be purchased through contacting Packaging Supplies Ltd.

Double wall cardboard boxes, are made from using a double wall board.  All of our stock range of double wall boxes are in brown corrugated and in the traditional 0201 Fefco style.

All of our 0201 cardboard boxes are supplied flat and can be assembled quickly and easily.  They are secured simply by taping the top and bottom flaps.

Bespoke Boxes:

Packaging Supplies can produce bespoke boxes in both single and double wall, in almost any size or grade.  As well as corrugated boxes we can also produce Retail Packaging and Display Boxes in Carton Board (Folding Box Board) or Rigid Covered Boxes.

We are able to use a variety of print finishes including Flexographic printing, Litho LaminatingEmbossing and Foil Blocking.

To talk about your Bespoke Packaging options, please contact Packaging Supplies. Also available to buy from Packaging Supplies are BDCM Boxes, Heavy Duty Export Boxes, Book Wraps, Pallet Containers, Cardboard Trays, Printer Boxes, Archive Boxes and Flight Cases.