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Sustainable Packaging – How important is this to today’s consumers?

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  •   April 24, 2019
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Sustainable Packaging – How important is this to today’s consumers?

Looking at a recent report by Coleman Parkes Research, which was undertaken on behalf of the packaging industry body Pro Carton, it’s evident that there is still a growing demand for sustainable packaging.  The survey asked more than 7000 shoppers, from the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain and Turkey, what their views were on topics from on-pack recycling information to tax breaks for packaging manufactures directly related to the recycled content in their products.

The survey highlights how much consumers will consider the product packaging before buying and how this could influence their actual purchasing decisions.  As a nation, we are calling out for more transparency in relation to the sustainability of product packaging and we are switching brands if the product packaging does not appear sufficiently environmentally friendly or recyclable.

What UK consumers want from their packaging

88% of UK’s consumers want on-pack information relating to packaging sustainability

9 out of 10 shoppers in the UK want all packaging to be classed as recyclable

8 out of 10 Britons think there should be a tax on packaging manufacturers who use less than 30% recycled content in their products.

68% of UK consumers say the environmental impact of a product’s packaging will affect their purchasing choice.  This rises to 77% amongst German consumers and 81% for Spanish consumers

92% of Europeans would choose the plastic free option for a product when offered a choice between cardboard based or plastic-based packaging for the same item.

With these stats in mind, updating your product packaging has never been more important and without doubt this will have an impact on product purchases now and in the future.  We have seen many bold moves from larger corporations paving the way for more plastic free packaging. There are many cardboard packaging options already available, making it easy for all businesses, regardless of size to become invested.

In 2018 Sainsbury’s developed a sustainable and airtight cardboard container for some of their food packaging. This claimed to reduce plastic content by 85% compared with other widely used alternatives.   It was created for meat and poultry distribution, the carton facilitates the removal of oxygen from inside the pack, thereby extending the product shelf life and maintaining food freshness.  It does still contain a laminated film which is applied to the cardboard, but significantly reduces the amount of plastic material used. It can also go straight into the recycling after use.

How can you update your packaging?

There are many ways in which you can update your packaging, the most obvious and visible to the consumer is removing any plastic and opting for cardboard instead.  With so many cardboard materials and strengths available today, cardboard packaging is more versatile than ever.  Cardboard can be used to house almost any product and is used as a container for distribution as well as for primary retail packaging.  Complex and innovative designs can produce strong, long lasting packaging solutions that can hold their own in many different markets.

Cardboard packaging can be minimal and raw in its appearance or, with the advancements of water-based inks and vegetable-based ink pigments, can be printed upon to produce a different look and feel, whilst keeping all of the recycling credentials intact.

Many general packaging consumables can also be swapped for a more environmentally sound product. Paper nuts in place of polystyrene packing peanuts, Kraft food trays in place of plastic takeaway packaging containers, Bio-plastics, cardboard food trays etc. . . the list is extensive.

Get in touch with us today to discuss your new recyclable packaging solution and receive a no obligation re-design and quotation.

Building Brand Recognition with Custom Printed Tape

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Building Brand Recognition with Custom Printed Tape

Do you need a low-cost way to advertise your company and build brand recognition?  There are many ways in which you can do this, but we believe choosing a custom printed tape is one of the most economical and effective ways to achieve this.

Here are our 5 top reasons why you should consider a custom printed tape:

Why use a custom printed tape?

  1. Brand Exposure – Printed tape increases brand exposure.  Your brand is visible from the moment it leaves your premises right up until the point of contact with your consumer.
  2. Professionalism – Printed tape, shows that you have confidence in your products and pay attention to detail.  It will create a good first impression.
  3. Anti-Tamper – Printed tape, reduces the likelihood of your packaging being opened during transit.  If the tape seal is broken or re-sealed it will be easily identifiable.
  4. Traceability – Printed tape can display product information to improve traceability through supplier and batch identification.
  5. Budget – Printed tape on a plain box is a significantly lower cost way to promote your company compared to a printed box.  We have a huge range of stock cartons, which can be purchased in small quantities, giving you further savings on both cost and storage space.

Printed tape options

Tape can be printed from 1 colour up to 4 spot colours on either a clear, white or buff coloured tape. A flood colour can also be printed onto the background with additional colours printed on top.  There are options to print onto a coloured tape and fluorescents can be used.

Tape types explained - Vinyl v Polypropylene

We generally print on one of the following two types of tape, both of which are ideal for sealing boxes and packages.

Vinyl (PVC) tape

  • This type of tape is superior in tack and strength to a polypropylene tape. 
  • Vinyl tape has the benefit of releasing quietly from the roll. 
  • It is strong and can be ripped easily by hand from the roll to the desired length. 
  • This makes it suitable for using with or without a hand-held tape dispenser. 
  • Vinyl tape has a long-lasting adhesion and can be used on all types of paper or cardboard surfaces.
  • If a Vinyl tape is selected, we can offer variants such as heavy duty or low tack tape.

Acrylic (Polypropylene) tape 

  • This is a great budget alternative to a vinyl tape. 
  • It is also a strong and efficient packing tape, although noisier when releasing from the roll. 
  • Polypropylene tape is better used with a hand-held tape dispenser which will cut the tape more efficiently than by hand. 
  • Tape dispensers can be picked up for as little as £5.35 in our online packing shop.

Size & ordering

It’s quick and easy to order your printed tape, simply get in touch with one of our team for a quote on your requirements.

Tape can be printed on either a 50mm or 75mm width (2 inch or 3 inch) and are 66m length.  The minimum order is just 1 box of 72 rolls with discounts on larger order volumes.

Digital Folding Cartons – Branding made easy

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An Efficient Branding Tool

Packaging has proven, over the years to be a crucial and efficient branding tool as well as a practical way of protecting your product. At the forefront of this is the folding carton market, which is dominant in industries such as food & drink, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

Increased growth within the Folding Carton Market

The increased growth that we are seeing in the folding carton market is due in part to the changes in our shopping preferences and eating habits. The rise of digital folding cartons, within this sector, can be attributed to several factors, including; faster turnaround times, greater flexibility for multiple print designs, and the huge technological advancements seen in digital processes over the last decade improving the overall quality. 

The advantages of digitally printed Folding Cartons 

A key factor supporting the growth of the digital packaging market is the elimination of additional set up and origination charges. This is especially useful when producing packaging for promotional and targeted marketing activities, where shorter runs over several versions can now be more cost effective than ever before.

Digital printing can also be combined with the additional print features synonymous with litho printing such as embossing, spot UV varnishing and foil blocking.

Due to these many advantages, it’s expected that digitally printed folding cartons will continue to increase in volume and maintain a progressive gain in their share of carton the board packaging market.

What are folding cartons?

Folding cartons, also referred to as folding box board packaging (FBB) are made from cellulose fibres that are produced either from wood pulp (from sustainable managed forests) or by using recovered fibre and waste paper.  The top layer is often bleached with an optional pigment coating added.  In appearance the board is usually a creamy-white with a grey backing.  It’s a low-density material with good rigidity, great print-ability and it can be structurally designed into a range of shapes and configurations.

Folding cartons can also be made from a Kraftpak board which is a brown, unbleached, un-coated, high density, high strength board.  Kraftpak also maintains excellent strength properties when wet, making it more suitable for food and beverage packaging.

What are the environmental credentials of folding cartons?

Nearly all the material used to make our carton board packaging is PEFC or FSC accredited, meaning it has been made from a sustainable resource.  All carton board can be recycled and is completely biodegradable.

If you would like to find out if digitally produced folding cartons are the right choice for your product, please get in touch with our experienced team, for a no obligation quotation.


Credits: Future Market Insights

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