Buying Stretch wrap From Packaging Supplies

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Packaging Supplies stock a fairly modest selection of Stretch Wrap online which includes a range of sizes and grades of Hand Applied Stretch Wrap, Machine Applied Stretch Wrap and Mini Stretch Film.

Stretch wrap, also known as Pallet Wrap or Stretch Film, is used to tightly hold together and secure your loads for transportation.

The pallet wrap will give protection against dust and dirt with a degree of moisture protection and can also help to increase tamper resistance.

We stock and supply pallet wrap in both clear and black film.

In addition to the film itself you can also purchase pallet wrapping tools and dispensers from Packaging Supplies, either via the online shop or by contacting us

Mini stretch film is suitable for bundling and securing all kinds of items and is particularly effective for your smaller consignments.  You can buy both the Mini Stretch wrap dispensing handles plus the refill film packs in our online shop. 

Although we stock just a selection of the most popular products online, there are many other options of Stretch Wrap / Pallet Wrap and tools available.  If you can’t find what you are looking for online, please contact Packaging Supplies for more information.  Trade prices are available if purchasing by the pallet.

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