Triangular Postal Tubes

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The traditional round postal tubes have been the same for years, but now a new kind of triangular postal tube is becoming more popular. 

With all the benefits of the traditional postal tube, the triangular design has many additional benefits and is now the preferred solution for the courier network.  Here are some of the reasons why;
  • Supplied flat packed, so they take up very little storage space
  • Quick and easy to pack and assemble
  • Can be stacked and strapped neatly to a pallet once packed
  • No problems with passing through label readers
  • No rolling around
  • Easily branded with your company logo
Triangular postal tubes are much easier to print on than the traditional round postal tubes. With 3 flat sides the triangular postal tubes can be printed with logo’s and text or even printed entirely with a specific colour or pattern.  We use different printing techniques to achieve different finishes, such as flexo, screen printing or litho laminating.

We can make to varying widths and lengths and the triangular tubes can be made with different features, such as tuck in tabs and/or peel and seal closures.

To find out more and to get a quotation for your exact requirements, please get in touch with us.

Experienced Contract Packing & Fulfillment Services

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When contract packing is undertaken to the highest standard it should be viewed as an extension of your current business operation. Packme, a division of Packaging Supplies works hard to offer a transparent supply chain, which will reflect the quality, inventory controls and standards that you dictate when you engage our services.

Read on to find out  the benefits you gain from using our services:

1) Greater flexibility: Free up your space, release the pressure and burden on your facilities.  We have the knowledge and the equipment to efficiently handle a wide range of labeling and fulfillment jobs.

2) Experience at meeting customer demand: Regardless of your challenges with packaging, we have a wealth of experience in  meeting specific customer needs and deadlines.    

3) Limiting Costs: Having the ability to select the right packaging processes and materials to match, is the fine line between a “to budget” operation or overspending. 35 years in the packaging industry is a valuable resource that you can tap into.

Get in touch for a quote on your contract packing and fulfillment requirements.

Ferrari’s 70th Anniversary Printed Cartons

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A London advertising agency asked us to produce a couple of promotional cartons for Ferrari’s 70th Anniversary celebrations.  Ferrari were looking for a chip carton to hold some polenta chips and also mini burger box to take a hamburger. 

These cartons were digitally printed to the highest standard on a 500micron folding box board.  We can supply folding display cartons in both standard and food grade materials and we are BRC certified for the storage of food & non-food grade packaging.  In this case the cartons were to be lined with grease proof paper, which we can also provide in plain or printed with the clients own branding.

This job was produced to a very tight deadline with dates that could not be moved due to the cartons being required at a specific event.  In many cases advertising agencies work with short lead times for their projects. In these cases we will always do everything in our power to meet these deadlines, delivering your boxes on time, every time.

We had the artwork guidelines and the Ferrari logo’s sent to us and for a small additional fee we created a number of  artwork and colour variations for  Ferrari to choose from. 

Within 7 days these promotional printed cartons were designed, die cut, printed, hand glued and delivered in time for the event.  All thanks to the expert knowledge and flexibility of our digital manufacturing unit.

Correx® fluted layer pads

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Introducing a new range of protective layer pads/ sheets to our online shop, available for next day delivery!

Correx® brand is widely recognised as the leading brand within the corrugated plastic sheet market.  It is an extruded, twin wall, fluted polypropylene material used across a wide range of industries and applications.

The Correx® board is used where durability and resistance to water or chemicals is necessary.  They key benefits of Correx®:

  • It has excellent strength, durability and longevity in comparison to similar materials
  • It is easily cleaned allowing for multipurpose uses, making it perfect for medical / clean rooms
  • It is resistant to moisture, grease, oil and most chemicals
Correx® is suitable for a wide range of applications and industries:
  • It can be easily fabricated to create durable, hard-wearing packaging and handling products
  • It can be used as floor protection, shuttering, hoarding etc. within the construction industry
  • It is commonly used for temporary signage in real estate sales and is used widely for promotions
Not only can you purchase our standard white Correx® sheets online in a range of sizes, by getting in touch with us we can also quote for:
  • Various sheet sizes and thicknesses
  • A range of colours to match your brand or specific application
  • Fabric covered, fire retardent material

Sales & Marketing Position

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Packaging Supplies Ltd are looking to expand their sales and marketing team, and therefore would like to hear from potential candidates.

The role primarily requires the right candidate to possess an ability to communicate with customers and potential customers, ensuring that their needs are satisfied to the best of their ability. No industry experience is necessary, but some experience in dealing with people would be an advantage.

All applicants must possess a driving licence, have an outgoing personality, be ambitious, and are driven towards success.

The remuneration package consists of a basic salary of between £22,000 and 25,000 per annum, a generous bonus/commission scheme, a company vehicle, and all other tools required for the position.

Full training will be given, and the first/second year OTE, should be circa £35,000 – £40,000.

Applicants should ideally live in and around the London West/Berkshire/Oxfordshire borders. Please send CV details via e-mail for the attention of Mr Phil Phillips

Packaging Supplies are recuiting!

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  •   February 01, 2017
  •   Careers

Packaging Supplies are recruiting!

Due to continued business growth, we are now looking for a new member of our team, based in Wallingford, Oxfordshire:

External sales – Field Sales Representative 

As a field sales representative you will be responsible for developing new clients over a set geographical area.  The key part of this role will be winning new business.  Previous experience in packaging would be advantageous but not essential, however a proven sales record is required.

For further information or to apply for either of the above positions, please contact

Printed Packaging

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Last year in late January an agency for Walker’s crisps got in touch with us to produce a quantity of promotional boxes for their valentines’ day give away competition.

This project was very time sensitive, we had a short time frame in which to design the box and manufacture it and of course we had to make sure the deadline wasn’t exceed so that we could get the boxes delivered ahead of  valentine’s day.

From concept to delivery, this job took under 2 weeks in total.  During this time we carried out a consultation, sampling, colour swatches and artwork changes and of course the finished product delivered.

The final design was a huge red flat folding box board box made to look like a box of chocolates, inside we made dividers to hold in place and display 16 packets of specially named bags of crisps.  Perfect for those of us who are not choc-a-holics!

Due to our flexible approach to bespoke products we were able to select the right type of packaging and printing methods to ensure the deadline was met. 

There are so many options open to you for bespoke packaging, we can help guide you to the right material and methods, all to suit your individual project and budget.

Get in touch for a quotation

Fast delivery on all cardboard postal & mailing boxes

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During a time of year when new custom made packaging lead times are extended, our extensive range Postal & Mailing boxes make the perfect option during this Christmas rush.

With the festive period in full swing, the time has come where we can no longer make any new custom made or bespoke boxes before Christmas, but we have launched our own range of postal boxes, which are in stock now and ready to go.

If you have been caught out by any increase in demand and you would like some stock boxes with a custom box feel. This is the product line for you.

Our Mailing boxes come in 9 difference sizes in both white and brown, the full list of the sizes are below. With the size range that we have put together,  we hope you will find the perfect size.

90 x 90 x 50mm (3.5" x 3.5" x 2.0")

145 x 100 x 55mm (5.5" x 4.0" x 2.0")

160 x 160 x 70mm (6.5" x 6.5" x 3.0")

200 x 100 x 100mm (8.0" x 4.0" x 4.0")

210 x 130 x 55mm (8.5" x 5.0" x 2.0")

240 x 160 x 90mm (9.5" x 6.5" x 3.5")

240 x 240 x 80mm (9.5" x 9.5" x 3.0")

310 x 234 x 63mm (12.0" x 9.0" x 2.5")

300 x 250 x 100mm (12.0" x 10.0" x 4.0")

Normally these die cut boxes would require a cutting forme start up costs, but Packaging Supplies have invested so you don’t have too.

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The importance of good packaging for successful product launches

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Report shows the importance of good packaging for successful product launches:

In an age of social media, it is very common knowledge how much marketers put into all forms of digital channels for the launch of any new products. In many projects, the packaging time and time again seems to be an afterthought.

A new report has shown how important good packaging design can be for the introduction of a new product. Research firm Nielsen analyzed 9,900 product launched across Europe for its Breakthrough Innovation report. Which concluded that packaging design is the least aspect of marketing that is published yet it was a major factor in the most successful product launches over the last two years.

“Packaging design is the dark horse of the marketing world. It receives little attention compared to other marketing decisions, and its impact tends to be vastly underestimated,” Said Ben Schubert, SVP at Nielsen Innovation Practice.

With consumer marketing nearly 60% of their product decision at the store shelf, it isn’t hard to imagine, design that will help you stand out will be important.

At Packaging Supplies we position ourselves in the market, stressing the importance of all the views above.  We offer a step-by-step service in custom and bespoke packaging projects, for any new products or projects.

Good packaging design is also important in getting your goods to the shelf not just sitting on them. Through the use of our online packaging shop, we have invested in a range of postal boxes so you can send your products in style. These boxes have a hinged lid and are self-locking making them perfect for any e-commerce company.

Fantastic range of white & brown cardboard Postal & Mailing Boxes

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Packaging Supplies offer Postal & Mailing boxes in a choice of brown or white, each of our high quality, presentable Postal & Mailing boxes have a hinged lid and tuck in flaps, offering a secure mailing box which is quick to pack and easy to open.

All of Packaging Supplies Postal & Mailing boxes fall under the Royal Mail PiP of a Small Parcel, helping you to keep your despatch costs down.  We have a variety of sizes suitable for all kinds of products.  The mailing boxes can be padded out if required with our voidfill or bubble wrap products.

To buy your Postal & Mailing boxes click here 

As well as our Postal & Mailing boxes, we have a variety of other Postal Packaging products available, such as Postal Tubes, Feather post Mailers and Book Wrap Boxes along with a huge range of standard Small & Large Packaging Boxes.

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We are certified by BRC Global Standards for the storage of food & non-food grade packaging; the storage of stationery items destined for restaurant groups and the contract packing of singular factored ambient-stable food sachets into retail/wholesaler packs.

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