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Find out why corrugated is perfect for food delivery

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If you’re in the food business and looking to deliver fresh or packaged food directly to your customers, at the very least, you will be looking for a strong and reliable solution that will cushion your food items, protect them from damage, dirt or sunlight and be resistant to moisture. 

Of course, corrugated can do all of this, but above all, you will need packaging that is hygienic! Did you know that each time a new corrugated box is manufactured, the process involves high temperatures that reach at least 100°C?  Temperature testing shows that the corrugated board itself will reach these temperatures at least 3 times during the manufacturing process and this will eliminate all microbes and bacteria from the corrugated board. 

Research led by the University of Bologna has also proven that fruit, vegetables, bread, eggs and meat products, delivered in corrugated trays, are kept fresher and safer than food delivered in reusable plastic trays. The washing of plastic trays between uses does not guarantee all the bacteria and microbes will be removed. Also, there is a build up over time of these pathogens on the plastic, repeat use trays.  Corrugated packaging is used once and then recycled so no residues remain.

Now you know why corrugated is the perfect partner is to deliver your food products safely and hygienically.

Compostable Food Boxes & Trays Available Now

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We are excited to share our new range of compostable takeaway boxes with you. These food boxes are made from a sturdy virgin Kraft board and are extremely versatile, being suitable for both hot and cold food.

Products Available

Nested Trays | Long Food Trays | Snack Boxes | Burger Boxes

Can we brand it?

We can brand these boxes with food safe inks. Our talented design team can create bespoke designs tailored to the nature of your business. Find out more about out design services here.

The Material

This Kraft is made from wood pulp, sourced from responsibly managed & sustainable forests. It is manufactured using a unique process to provide a higher durability, making it tear resistant. Products are lined with water resistant, plant based and biodegradable coating. These food boxes and trays can be recycled and are also compostable.


  • Water & oil resistant
  • Recyclable & Compostable
  • Suitable for hot & cold food
These products have been tested across a wide range of end of life options. If you’re interested in any of these products, please get in touch with us for more information and to receive your unique quote.

Say no to single use plastic food packaging

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Did you know there are currently 8 million tons of plastic in our oceans? Scarily, at the rate at which we are adding to this, we are in danger of seeing more plastic in our seas than fish!

We wanted to do our bit to help and so have invested in a new range of eco-friendly packaging, specifically for the take away food industry.  We chose this area to tackle because nearly all takeaway food cups and containers are single use and adding to landfill at an alarming rate.

Not everyone knows this, but many coffee cups on the market, although made with paper which is recyclable, are still actually lined with plastic to stop the liquid from leaking out. To compound the problem further, there are few facilities that can separate the plastic from the paper cup, resulting in the cup not being recycled after all. This is what makes our EcoCup range from Ecoware, stand out from the crowd.  We have invested in a range of not just disposable coffee cups but also lids, bowls, containers and cutlery, all of which are made with plants, not oil with a substance called Ingeo™ Bioplastic PLA.

Introducing our Ingeo™ Bioplastic PLA food takeaway packaging; Fully biodegradable and 100% commercially compostable.  What’s more our company aim is to convert all our customer base to sustainable food packaging by 2021.

Ingeo™ Bioplastic PLA is a substance which is made from a naturally occurring plant material, which is produced by nature and is annually renewable.

Ingeo™ Bioplastic PLA is a thermoplastic with the physical characteristics and performance of plastic but unlike plastic, it’s biodegradable, compostable and has a significantly lower carbon footprint than the fossil fuel-based polymer alternative in on the market.

From our Ecoware range you can buy smoothie cups, portion pots, deli bowls, lids and cutlery, all of which are made using just Ingeo™ Bioplastic.  Our coffee cups, ice cream tubs and soup bowls are still made with paper but lined with Ingeo™ Bioplastic PLA instead of plastic.

Shop our range here

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