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Ways to create the most memorable and discussed product aesthetics for your brand through packaging.

by Adam

For any e-commerce company, one of the few direct points of contact with the customer is through the outer shipping packaging. In recent times where consumers have various platforms to review and discuss every aspect of your service, the reinforcing of your brand through packaging has never been more important. It still seems to be a marketing tool that is under utilized.

The rise of e-commerce packaging is all down to the protection of the product that the consumer purchases. The customer is king, thus getting the product they ordered to them in perfect condition is essential. Like everything else e-commerce has evolved, seeing the increase of the brand experience going past the relying on the product but the incorporating of the whole experience.

How do you get your customer attention, creating a branded packaging experience?

In a basic sense, through the selection of the right shipping and packaging materials based around the idea of protection and presenting your product.

When customers are in a shop there are so many points of which touch point can be used to reinforce your brand, take Abercrombie for example using the fragrance within the shop .While it may be nauseating to some it is done for a reason. The only touch point an e-commerce merchant has an access to is through packaging, so you have to get it right and stand out from your competition. 

Why is creating this branded experience so important?

Of course some packaging companies are going to encourage you to go bespoke when it comes to purchasing packaging, which can Increasing the cost with artwork, tooling and print stereo charges is there a benefit to these additional costs?

Branding has the purpose of customers returning time and time again, but also helping to market potential new customers. A recent study in America undertaken by Dotcom distribution revealed that 52 percent of customers are more likely to make a repeat purchase from a company that have premium packaging.

The same study, by Dotcom discovered that nearly 4 in 10 customers would discuss and share their experience if they deem the packaging to be unique.

How can you’re packaging be unique?

·       Box: The most important point for online retailers is the shipping box, in the packaging world it is called an outer shipper. White or brown corrugated cardboard boxes, have dominated the material selection due to being sturdy, cost effective and getting the job done. Boxes can be made around your product and can have particular branding and features on it.

·       Tissue paper: Having your products individually wrapped, gives an air of secrecy to your product, companies looking to impress can use printed tissue.

·       Void fill: Tradition void fill can be Kraft paper, foam insets, bubble wrap and air pillow. Bubble wrap has it purpose but cannot give a desired effect. In recent time, crinkled paper and colored Kraft paper have become popular.

·       Stickers: This is a cheap way, if you are using plain tissue a sticker used to seal wrappers together can reinforce branding. It also can be used as a cheaper option to getting your outer box printed.

·       Tape: Unless you box is a self-sealing like a postal box. You will need tape to seal it up, why not reinforce seal it and reinforce it with branded tape. The purpose of this isn’t purely just atheistic; it acts as a tamper proof seal.

Cellophane Bags

by Admin

New to stock: Cellophane bags for protecting or displaying a range of items such as T-shirts and other smaller garments as well as artwork & greeting cards.

Made from strong, clear CPP (Cast polypropylene) material.

More sizes due to stock soon!  Contact Packaging Supplies for other sizes or customized bags.

Packaging for Books

by Admin

Twistlock Book wraps are the perfect way to protect books for mailing.  The design of the book wrap means that no additional outer packaging is required. 

Book Wraps are an incredibly versatile corrugated cardboard wrap that will take various combinations and sizes of book or books.  

Books can be packed quickly and sealed securely with the peel and seal strip.  Book wraps are the easiest way for mail order book companies or individuals to package and protect books for mailing.

We stock 2 sizes of book wrap at Packaging Supplies which can be ordered from our Online Shop.  We can also produce bespoke sizes of book wrap and have them produced with your company logo.

contact us at Packaging Supplies for further information on printing, bespoke sizes or discounts on large volumes.

Tape Machines & Dispensers

by Admin

Over the last few weeks we have talked about the tapes available to buy from Packaging Supplies, so this week we will take a look at the tape machines and dispensers that are also available online. 

Tape machines and dispensers will make the application of taping more efficient.  Depending on the type of tape you are using or the application you may want to use one of the following:

Hand Held Tape Gun – Hand held tape guns are great for quick and efficient sealing of cardboard boxes and other parcels.  They are used with vinyl or polypropylene tape and can be purchased for use with either a 2” or 3” width tape.

Semi-Automatic Case Sealer – The semi-automatic case sealer is for using with machine applied tape.  It will seal the top and the bottom of uniformed sized boxes simultaneously, speeding up your packing process.

Floor Marking Tape Dispenser – Floor marking tape dispensers will allow you to clearly mark out walkways or areas of storage within a warehouse environment.  Using a floor marking tape dispenser will mean areas can be marked out using straight lines quickly and with minimum effort.

Silent Bonus Tape Dispenser – A tape dispenser specifically designed to use with Bonus tape.  The silent bonus tape dispenser will reduce noise during dispensing.  In addition the tape tension can be increased on release by the adjustable brake.

All of the above can be purchased through our online shop, however many more items are available by contacting Packaging Supplies Ltd.

Use custom made printed tape to promote your company brand

by Admin

Custom made printed tapes, with a company logo are a very popular choice for many business.  Parcels arriving with your company logo on is a great tool to promote and re-enforce your company brand and an inexpensive way to get your company name and logo onto your packaging.  Tapes can be printed with up to 3 colours on a white or clear background.  Printed tapes can be produced with Vinyl, Acrylic, Hot Melt or Solvent.

If you are looking for a bespoke printed tape with your own wording or company logo, please contact Packaging Supplies for prices based on your own design.  Alternatively you will find standard popular printed tapes in our online shop.  

Packaging Supplies stock a huge range of different types of general packing and warehouse tape which is listed below, to find out more information or to buy these tapes, just click on the links.  

General Tape

Machine Applied Tape

Printed Tape

Bonus Tape

Coloured Tape

Crossweave Tape

Masking Tape

Double Sided Tape

Packing Tape

by Admin

You can buy a variety of tapes from Packaging Supplies through our online shop, here is a little about our most popular packing / warehouse tapes.  

Both vinyl and polypropylene tapes are ideal for sealing boxes and packages for storage or transportation.

Vinyl (PVC) tape is superior in tack and strength to polypropylene tape.  The vinyl tape also has the benefit of releasing quietly from the roll.  Even though vinyl tape is strong it has the ability to be ripped easily by hand from the roll to the desired length.  This makes it suitable for using with or without a hand held tape dispenser.  Vinyl tape has a long lasting adhesion and can be used on all types of paper or cardboard surfaces.

Acrylic (Polypropylene) Tape is a great budget alternative to vinyl.  It is also a strong and efficient packing tape, although noisier when releasing from the roll.  Polypropylene tape is also better used with a hand held tape dispenser which will cut the tape more efficiently than by hand.

Packaging Supplies also stock a low noise polypropylene tape.  This tape releases with low noise properties similar to vinyl tape but is lower in cost.  It effectively seals most items securely for despatch. 

If you are looking for a specific brand of tape, do get in touch with us for a quotation.

Carton Staplers, Pliers, Hand Tackers and more . . .

by Admin

We are going to give you a quick run-down on the stapling products available to buy through our online shop.

Hand Held Stapling Pliers – Heavy robust Stapling Pliers, ideal for general warehouse or office use.  These Hand held stapling pliers are used for stapling in excess of 20 sheets of paper, thicker card, corrugated boxes and even some plastics.  

Hand Tackers – Also known as Staple Guns are used for case lining, labelling or display work.  The staple gun is a fast and efficient tool used to drive staples through hard objects such as wood and plastics.

Staple Removers – Our staple remover will remove most staples easily from cardboard, wood or furniture.

Manual Carton Top Staplers – A Manual carton top stapler is a hand held stapler used for carton assembly and closing.  The staple depth can be adjusted to avoid damage to the packed items.

Pneumatic Carton Top Staplers – A pneumatic carton top stapler will effortlessly staple cartons with speed and efficiency.

Foot Treadle Operated Carton Bottom Stapler – This carton bottom stapler is a robust and durable stapler for stapling the bases of cartons and cardboard boxes before packing.

For more information on any of our products, please contact Packaging Supplies.

Buying Heat Sealing Products

by Admin

Heat Sealers are a popular method for sealing all thicknesses of polythene bag or layflat tubing.

Packaging Supplies have a range of heat sealers available to buy in our online shop.  The heat sealers come with or without an integral cutter.  Using a heat sealer with an integral cutter will easily create individually sized bags for packing differently sized products and they are particularly useful for cutting and sealing layflat tubing.

Packaging Supplies stock a range of popular heat sealers from your economy impulse heat sealer right though to a heavy duty industrial sealer which is capable of sealing polythene up to 800 gauge.  Heavy duty heat sealers would be used when there is a requirement for regular daily use.

Alternatively a hand held crimp sealer may be more suitable for lighter usage, these can also be purchased online here.

If you are unsure of the right heat sealing product to choose or require a sealer that is not listed in our online shop, please contact Packaging Supplies for further information and prices.


Buying Stretch wrap From Packaging Supplies

by Admin

Packaging Supplies stock a fairly modest selection of Stretch Wrap online which includes a range of sizes and grades of Hand Applied Stretch Wrap, Machine Applied Stretch Wrap and Mini Stretch Film.

Stretch wrap, also known as Pallet Wrap or Stretch Film, is used to tightly hold together and secure your loads for transportation.

The pallet wrap will give protection against dust and dirt with a degree of moisture protection and can also help to increase tamper resistance.

We stock and supply pallet wrap in both clear and black film.

In addition to the film itself you can also purchase pallet wrapping tools and dispensers from Packaging Supplies, either via the online shop or by contacting us

Mini stretch film is suitable for bundling and securing all kinds of items and is particularly effective for your smaller consignments.  You can buy both the Mini Stretch wrap dispensing handles plus the refill film packs in our online shop. 

Although we stock just a selection of the most popular products online, there are many other options of Stretch Wrap / Pallet Wrap and tools available.  If you can’t find what you are looking for online, please contact Packaging Supplies for more information.  Trade prices are available if purchasing by the pallet.

Buying Protective Packaging from Packaging Supplies, Part 4

by Admin

There are lots of versatile packaging options for protecting your goods in storage or transit, this week we look at those items that are commonly used as a voidfill.

Voidfill / Loosefill

Loosefill is great for protecting irregular shaped objects.  The loosefill can be poured around your boxed items and will cushion and protect against and bumps to the outside packaging.  Loosefill will also help to absorb impact damage from dropping or juddering by holding your product firmly in place.

Paper Nuts

PaperNuts are a quality void fill paper that like the loosefill will minimise damage from shock, vibration and goods migrating within the box.

The interlocking PaperNuts unique shape means that they interlock with each other to provide better shock absorption, effective cushioning and protection of the contents of your container.

Tardis Paper

Tardis Void Fill Paper is a strong superior void fill paper that offers 50% more void fill than flat or smooth paper.  It is dispensed through the Tardis Paper Ring Dispenser which can also be purchased at a low price through our Online shop.

As well as being 100% recyclable and biodegradable the Tardis Paper is low cost, simple and easy to use.

Other items available in our Protective Packaging section are: Pallet Covers loose boxed, Pallet Covers on the RollPallet Top Sheets, Centre Folded Polythene Sheets, Kraft Paper, Tissue Paper, Corrugated Paper Rolls, Bubble Rolls, and Bubble Bags


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