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Corner & Edge Protection

by Lisa

Corner & Edge Protection

 We have a new range of solid board edge protectors now available to buy online, with fast UK delivery.

 Edge protectors are a low cost and effective way to protect corners and edges of large items or palletised goods, during storage and/or transit. Pallet rejections are a costly mistake for all parties involves, there are some simple solutions.

 By using a stretch wrap system with your edge protectors you will prevent movement and collapse by keeping the load and it’s content more secure.  In turn this will make for safer handling.

 You can buy now our range of stocked edge protectors or you can contact Packaging Supplies for custom sizes.


Bakers don't get left behind; follow the successful shift in the US replacing plastic trays with a corrugated cardboard tray

by Admin

The bakery industry has to be one of the most competitive industries in UK; power is held by the larger supermarkets and their constant drive to lower the price. Giving bakers continual headaches with extremely tight margins to tackle, meaning there operation have to be as lean and efficient as possible.

Plastic trays have played a vital role in the day to day running of many bakeries in the UK and over the Atlantic in the US. Over in the US retailers have been slashing prices while maintaining profit margins and lowering costs for manufacturers through the shift to a corrugated cardboard tray.

It isn’t just retailers who can reap the rewards, manufacturers who deliver bread daily don’t always have the capacity or time to redeem the plastic trays, so the plastic trays USP of being reusable isn’t actually being used as a benefit.

Introducing the corrugated cardboard tray, which are stored flat for easy storage but when assembled they have semi cut out hands holes making carrying effortless.

One of our predictions for packaging trends for 2016 is increasing pressure from customers to be more green and conscious of the environment through packaging.   This corrugated cardboard tray is a cost effective way to impress the end consumer and make stake holders happy. As corrugated trays are reusable and completely recyclable. 

Packaging Supplies have a stock range of these trays, but to fully benefit your operation let us design a bespoke tray for you, which if required can be printed to your requirements. This backed up with stock holding, monitoring and next day delivery. This is why we have been effectively supplying bakers for 35 years.

Change of legislation the grace period is over in exporting to New York; don’t get stung with a fine.

by Adam

Recently New York has became another major city to join a growing group of cities in banning expandable polystyrene foam (EPS). In use today EPS products are as such; Cups, bowls, plates, take away containers, trays and most important to our customer base packing peanuts.

Reasons why?

In the US it is marketed under the name Styrofoam invented in 1941. It is estimated that Americans alone throw away 25 billion polystyrene coffee cups a year.

It is through one simple fact like this that make the issue stand out, especially considering that polystyrene is a form of polythene it is difficult to recycle.

How does this affect our customers or us?

 Well as a packaging supplier, a common product is ‘loos fill” polystyrene which has been used for years by companies to pack items. In the ‘US’ they refer to this product as packaging ‘peanuts’ as it is made out of polystyrene it has now been banned

 If you export to New York you have to be careful, as of the 1st July the New York Port authority. Set the ban and gave companies 6 months to comply or fines will apply. That grace period is now over.


If for your packaging operation, loose fill chips are your preference. There is good news, our ‘packaging Peanuts are made from starch, not polystyrene. Which makes them 100% biodegradable and 100% compostable. So don’t run the risk, if shipping to New York we advice putting some proof of this in the parcel.

PaperNuts are a new kind of quality void fill paper that minimizes damage from shock, vibration and the migration of goods within the box. The interlocking PaperNuts are approximately 30mm x 100mm in size. As a product they are recycled, recyclable, reusable, compostable, biodegradable and sustainable from renewable resources

Tardis Paper rolls are simple, cost effective and easy to use void fill paper system. The Tardis paper is a strong void fill paper that offers a superior level of protection to our products and offers 50% more void fill than flat or smooth paper.

Layer Pads

by Admin

We have a new line of Single Wall Layer Pads now available to buy online, with fast UK delivery. 

Our Layer Pads or Corrugated Sheets are perfect for interleaving between pallets and offering extra protection to your packages.  The Layer Pads can also be folded to protect corners or cut down to make smaller packages sturdy.

We have 2 sizes of single wall layer pad currently available to order for next day delivery.

However Layer pads can be made to order to any size with short delivery timescales.

As we have said many times in our blogs, with multiple review platforms the customer really is king. Making sure your products get to the customer is one piece is vital. If it is by the pallet load or box, the task is the same. All the products in this blog make that task possible.



Expansion of our Postal Box range!

by Adam

After the madness of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we are pleased to announced that we have expanded our postal box range. As a company we are continually trying to add to our ever impressive stock range.

 Don't miss out order now, all orders over £50 will have the luxury of free delivery!

Stock products don't always provide the acquired packing experience, please feel free to contact us for any bespoke printed postal boxes or to benefit from large bulk discounts.

Packaging Supplies are dedicated to 'thinking outside the box' so you don't have too.

Successful brands are made on attention to details, little tips like these will make your operation first class!

by Admin

“Only close attention to the fine details of any operation makes the operation first class.” J.W Marriott

Successful brands are made on attention to detail. Getting your company name or logo printed on tape, is a tool to push brand awareness!

Tap into the packaging knowledge we have gained, food manufactures for examples have dual purpose for branded tape. It is used to prove that food produce within the outer has not been tampered with as well as brand awareness.

Tapes come in all differing shapes and sizes with different purposes, stand out from the crowd with some printed tape.

Find out more at:

Ways to create the most memorable and discussed product aesthetics for your brand through packaging.

by Adam

For any e-commerce company, one of the few direct points of contact with the customer is through the outer shipping packaging. In recent times where consumers have various platforms to review and discuss every aspect of your service, the reinforcing of your brand through packaging has never been more important. It still seems to be a marketing tool that is under utilized.

The rise of e-commerce packaging is all down to the protection of the product that the consumer purchases. The customer is king, thus getting the product they ordered to them in perfect condition is essential. Like everything else e-commerce has evolved, seeing the increase of the brand experience going past the relying on the product but the incorporating of the whole experience.

How do you get your customer attention, creating a branded packaging experience?

In a basic sense, through the selection of the right shipping and packaging materials based around the idea of protection and presenting your product.

When customers are in a shop there are so many points of which touch point can be used to reinforce your brand, take Abercrombie for example using the fragrance within the shop .While it may be nauseating to some it is done for a reason. The only touch point an e-commerce merchant has an access to is through packaging, so you have to get it right and stand out from your competition. 

Why is creating this branded experience so important?

Of course some packaging companies are going to encourage you to go bespoke when it comes to purchasing packaging, which can Increasing the cost with artwork, tooling and print stereo charges is there a benefit to these additional costs?

Branding has the purpose of customers returning time and time again, but also helping to market potential new customers. A recent study in America undertaken by Dotcom distribution revealed that 52 percent of customers are more likely to make a repeat purchase from a company that have premium packaging.

The same study, by Dotcom discovered that nearly 4 in 10 customers would discuss and share their experience if they deem the packaging to be unique.

How can you’re packaging be unique?

·       Box: The most important point for online retailers is the shipping box, in the packaging world it is called an outer shipper. White or brown corrugated cardboard boxes, have dominated the material selection due to being sturdy, cost effective and getting the job done. Boxes can be made around your product and can have particular branding and features on it.

·       Tissue paper: Having your products individually wrapped, gives an air of secrecy to your product, companies looking to impress can use printed tissue.

·       Void fill: Tradition void fill can be Kraft paper, foam insets, bubble wrap and air pillow. Bubble wrap has it purpose but cannot give a desired effect. In recent time, crinkled paper and colored Kraft paper have become popular.

·       Stickers: This is a cheap way, if you are using plain tissue a sticker used to seal wrappers together can reinforce branding. It also can be used as a cheaper option to getting your outer box printed.

·       Tape: Unless you box is a self-sealing like a postal box. You will need tape to seal it up, why not reinforce seal it and reinforce it with branded tape. The purpose of this isn’t purely just atheistic; it acts as a tamper proof seal.

Cellophane Bags

by Admin

New to stock: Cellophane bags for protecting or displaying a range of items such as T-shirts and other smaller garments as well as artwork & greeting cards.

Made from strong, clear CPP (Cast polypropylene) material.

More sizes due to stock soon!  Contact Packaging Supplies for other sizes or customized bags.

Packaging for Books

by Admin

Twistlock Book wraps are the perfect way to protect books for mailing.  The design of the book wrap means that no additional outer packaging is required. 

Book Wraps are an incredibly versatile corrugated cardboard wrap that will take various combinations and sizes of book or books.  

Books can be packed quickly and sealed securely with the peel and seal strip.  Book wraps are the easiest way for mail order book companies or individuals to package and protect books for mailing.

We stock 2 sizes of book wrap at Packaging Supplies which can be ordered from our Online Shop.  We can also produce bespoke sizes of book wrap and have them produced with your company logo.

contact us at Packaging Supplies for further information on printing, bespoke sizes or discounts on large volumes.

Tape Machines & Dispensers

by Admin

Over the last few weeks we have talked about the tapes available to buy from Packaging Supplies, so this week we will take a look at the tape machines and dispensers that are also available online. 

Tape machines and dispensers will make the application of taping more efficient.  Depending on the type of tape you are using or the application you may want to use one of the following:

Hand Held Tape Gun – Hand held tape guns are great for quick and efficient sealing of cardboard boxes and other parcels.  They are used with vinyl or polypropylene tape and can be purchased for use with either a 2” or 3” width tape.

Semi-Automatic Case Sealer – The semi-automatic case sealer is for using with machine applied tape.  It will seal the top and the bottom of uniformed sized boxes simultaneously, speeding up your packing process.

Floor Marking Tape Dispenser – Floor marking tape dispensers will allow you to clearly mark out walkways or areas of storage within a warehouse environment.  Using a floor marking tape dispenser will mean areas can be marked out using straight lines quickly and with minimum effort.

Silent Bonus Tape Dispenser – A tape dispenser specifically designed to use with Bonus tape.  The silent bonus tape dispenser will reduce noise during dispensing.  In addition the tape tension can be increased on release by the adjustable brake.

All of the above can be purchased through our online shop, however many more items are available by contacting Packaging Supplies Ltd.

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