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Building Brand Recognition with Custom Printed Tape

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Building Brand Recognition with Custom Printed Tape

Do you need a low-cost way to advertise your company and build brand recognition?  There are many ways in which you can do this, but we believe choosing a custom printed tape is one of the most economical and effective ways to achieve this.

Here are our 5 top reasons why you should consider a custom printed tape:

Why use a custom printed tape?

  1. Brand Exposure – Printed tape increases brand exposure.  Your brand is visible from the moment it leaves your premises right up until the point of contact with your consumer.
  2. Professionalism – Printed tape, shows that you have confidence in your products and pay attention to detail.  It will create a good first impression.
  3. Anti-Tamper – Printed tape, reduces the likelihood of your packaging being opened during transit.  If the tape seal is broken or re-sealed it will be easily identifiable.
  4. Traceability – Printed tape can display product information to improve traceability through supplier and batch identification.
  5. Budget – Printed tape on a plain box is a significantly lower cost way to promote your company compared to a printed box.  We have a huge range of stock cartons, which can be purchased in small quantities, giving you further savings on both cost and storage space.

Printed tape options

Tape can be printed from 1 colour up to 4 spot colours on either a clear, white or buff coloured tape. A flood colour can also be printed onto the background with additional colours printed on top.  There are options to print onto a coloured tape and fluorescents can be used.

Tape types explained - Vinyl v Polypropylene

We generally print on one of the following two types of tape, both of which are ideal for sealing boxes and packages.

Vinyl (PVC) tape

  • This type of tape is superior in tack and strength to a polypropylene tape. 
  • Vinyl tape has the benefit of releasing quietly from the roll. 
  • It is strong and can be ripped easily by hand from the roll to the desired length. 
  • This makes it suitable for using with or without a hand-held tape dispenser. 
  • Vinyl tape has a long-lasting adhesion and can be used on all types of paper or cardboard surfaces.
  • If a Vinyl tape is selected, we can offer variants such as heavy duty or low tack tape.

Acrylic (Polypropylene) tape 

  • This is a great budget alternative to a vinyl tape. 
  • It is also a strong and efficient packing tape, although noisier when releasing from the roll. 
  • Polypropylene tape is better used with a hand-held tape dispenser which will cut the tape more efficiently than by hand. 
  • Tape dispensers can be picked up for as little as £5.35 in our online packing shop.

Size & ordering

It’s quick and easy to order your printed tape, simply get in touch with one of our team for a quote on your requirements.

Tape can be printed on either a 50mm or 75mm width (2 inch or 3 inch) and are 66m length.  The minimum order is just 1 box of 72 rolls with discounts on larger order volumes.

It's Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day!

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It’s Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day!

Yes, you heard right, it’s officially Bubble Wrap appreciation day, which is observed on the last Monday in January every year.

Did you know bubble wrap was not intentionally created for bubble popping pleasure?

That’s right, the truth is Bubble Wrap was originally created from two shower curtains being sealed together, the inventors then tried to market this as wallpaper! Next, they tried to market it as greenhouse insulation (some people even still use it in this way today). A year later the inventors discovered its true calling and it’s now used worldwide to cushion and protect fragile items in shipping or storage (as well as bubble popping pleasure of course).

Each year there is even a Bubble Wrap brand ‘Young Inventor’ award that encourages finding new ways to use Bubble Wrap outside of packaging.  These young inventors work hard every year to try to create the newest Bubble Wrap craze.

How can you celebrate Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day?

You could spend the day finding as many different ways as possible to pop bubble wrap (there are a quite a few), or you can get online and order a big role of it for all your shipping and storage needs, we have bubble rolls in lots of different roll widths, plus a huge range of bubble bags.  You can order them all here in our online packaging shop.

12 Days of Christmas Packaging Essentials

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Over the last couple of weeks’, we have blogged about just a few of our most popular and essential packaging products, however these are just a few of the 1000’s of items we have to offer.

Here’s a run-down of a few more of our most popular products:

Cardboard Bakery Trays – These versatile cardboard trays are another extremely popular item.  They are widley used by bakeries for food items, and can be used to display many other products.  The trays have been designed to stack on top of one another with carry handles for ease of transportation.  Next day delivery is also possible.

Gable & Takeaway Boxes – Used for take away food or food deliveries as well as being a unique option for low cost gift packaging.  We currently have 2 types of gable box on offer, one of which has a fold down handle allowing for stacking, making it even more suitable for food delivery.

Archive Box & Lid – Sturdy, stackable archive boxes supplied with a hinged lid and hand holes.  Our archive boxes come flat packed and are quick and simple to erect.

Bags – We have an extensive range of polythene bags, such as clear polythene bags, cellophane bags, grip seal bags, write on bags, bubble bags, clip close handle carrier bags, patch handle bags and white vest carrier bags.

Protective Packaging – as well as the bubble rolls and loosefill packing chips that we have already advertised, we offer many other products for protecting your goods in transit, these range from tissue paper to corrugated rolls, layer pads, centrefold sheeting and pallet tops sheets.

Visit our shop to see the full range of packaging available

12 Days of Christmas Packaging Essentials – Takeaway Food Packaging

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On the eleventh day of Christmas, Packaging Supplies gave to me – Takeaway Food Packaging

We have a great range of Ecoware products all available for next day delivery.  Our Ecoware range includes compostable coffee cups and lids, natural Kraft takeaway boxes and food trays, compostable PLA cutlery, soup bowls and lids, smoothie cups and lids, portion pots and lids, deli containers and straws which are either paper or made from biodegradable material.

Made from Ingeo™ Bioplastic PLA, our Ecoware range is 100% compostable and biodegradable, made from a plant based renewable material, these products have an 80% lower carbon footprint than tradition oil-based plastic cups and containers.

Order your environmentally friendly takeaway food packaging before 2pm for next working day delivery.

12 Days of Christmas Packaging Essentials – Jiffy Padded Mailers

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On the tenth day of Christmas, Packaging Supplies gave to me – Jiffy Padded Mailers

Another good allrounder for any pick, pack & despatch business.  These strong durable Jiffy Padded Mailers will cushion and protect their contents.  They have a fibre padded interior and a strong puncture resistant exterior.

So easy to pack and seal, a must for all despatch operations.  Order yours here

12 Days of Christmas Packaging Essentials – Mailing Bags

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On the ninth day of Christmas, Packaging Supplies gave to me – Mailing Bags

The waterproof protection of a mailing bag is essential for protecting your smaller parcels from the elements.  We have a budget and a glossy mailing bag range available in lots of sizes.  Mail order bags are ideal for posting or courier despatch.

All our mailing bags are opaque and come with a peel and seal closure making them tamper evident.  Fast effective protection that you can’t do without.  Order yours now.

12 Days of Christmas Packaging Essentials – Tape Gun

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On the eighth day of Christmas, Packaging Supplies gave to me – A Tape Dispenser

Tape guns are a very cost-effective way of speeding up your packing process.  Boxes can be sealed quickly and efficiently when a hand-held tape gun is used to apply and cut the tape.

You can order your tape guns here for either 50mm or 75mm width tapes.  2” (50mm) tape guns will be despatched for next day delivery. 

12 Days of Christmas Packaging Essentials – Packing Tape

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On the seventh day of Christmas, Packaging Supplies gave to me – Packing Tape

Clear and buff packing tape in a range of materials and roll width options, all for next day delivery.   We also have low noise tape and standard printed tape such as “Fragile” tape, “Handle with Care” tape and “Caution” tape.

Packing Tape can be purchased in boxes of 36 or just 6 for smaller users, all at a great price.

Buy your packing tape here for fast next working day delivery.

12 Days of Christmas Packaging Essentials – Bubble Wrap

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On the sixth day of Christmas, Packaging Supplies gave to me – Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap rolls are another popular product and an essential for protecting delicate items in transit.   We hold stock of bubble rolls in various roll widths to suite all applications.  The AirCap® bubble rolls have a retention barrier to prevent air loss which in turn maintains longer cushioning.  Effectively wrap and protect your products before they are boxed for shipping.

Order your bubble roll today and get it tomorrow

12 Days of Christmas Packaging Essentials – Loosefill

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On the fifth day of Christmas, Packaging Supplies gave to me - Loosefill

In an ideal world you would have a box to fit your product exactly, but if you are buying off the shelf or if you have an irregular shaped item, this is not always possible.  If you find yourself left with void space and want to avoid crush damage, try our biodegradable loosefill packing chips.

Our loosefill can be quickly poured into your box and around the product.  The packing chips will cushion and protect your items in transit, they will absorb impact or juddering. 

We can supply loosefill in a polythene bag or boxed for storing more easily – order here for next day delivery.

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