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Bespoke Corrugated Cartons from Packaging Supplies

by Admin

Packaging Supplies have now entered our busiest time of the year, with Christmas just around the corner many of our customers are getting prepared for their seasonal rush of orders.

Recently we have been working on an in depth project with a leading High Street and Online retailer. Our first challenge was to help them to rationalise and reduce the number of box sizes they required to meet their particular needs. This has proved to be very cost effective, and with the reduced number of variations we have been able to help them save on their packaging costs.

We now hold 20 bespoke corrugated carton sizes in stock for this customer, and they are able to ‘call off’ their stock as and when they require for next day delivery. We will continue to work with our client to monitor their usage and replenish their stock accordingly to ensure a continuous supply - helping them deliver their products on time.

As well as bespoke corrugated cartons, Packaging Supplies offer folding cartons, Die Cut and specialist gluing services, and a full range of print processes. You can find out more on our Bespoke Packaging page.

If you are looking for standard packaging products, visit our online shop, where you can purchase boxes, tapes, mail bags, bubble wrap and much more. Always feel free to get in touch with Packaging Supplies to discuss your Packaging requirements on 01491 834000, or email


by Lisa

One of our valued clients approached us with a problem of canvas bags that had been stored in a damp cellar for a number of months, and they now needed to use them. The bags were wet and the majority of them had been affected by mould and smelled extremely musty. Therefore our task was to unpack the 20,000 bags, remove the mould stains and ensure every bag was completely dry.The bags were then treated to kill the mould and eliminate further mould occurring after which, the rather pungent smell was no more! Finally the bags were packed into new corrugated outer boxes, delivered back to the client and were ready to fill with their goodies.


by Lisa

A recent project for Packme was to assemble 18 piece tester kits for makeup counters in retailers throughout the country, providing them with the newest shades for the coming Autumn season. Packme received, identified and sorted the products before packing began. We were then required to pick and pack 18 different lines and collate them into kits. Each kit was then boxed and labelled, bar-coded and batch-code for traceability, and completed ready for scanning upon arrival at the retailer.


by Lisa

Packme were approached by a client that had recently imported some cotton bags from the Far East - Unfortunately during transit the handle of the bags had left an imprint on the printed area, on the front of the bags. We were asked if we could solve this problem and because of our wide experience in this field of work, we were able to find a solution. We therefore retrieved the bags from the end user on behalf of our customer and worked through all of the bags. Each bag was closely inspected for marks on the printed areas and cleaned with a special cleaning solution where required. The bags were then packed back into outer boxes carefully using tissue to prevent repeat marking. We have since had feedback from our customer and the end user to say that they are extremely happy with the end result, and that there was no detrimental effect to the quality of the bags.

Goodie Bag Fulfilment - Natural & Organic Products Europe Exhibition

by Lisa

Packme have been assembling goodie bags for a customer that is exhibiting at this year's Natural & Organic Products Europe trade show. Packaging Supplies produced the printed carrier bags and outer corrugated boxes,Packme printed the literature and produced the promotional key rings and t-shirts and the sample products were supplied by the customer. After the literature was collated, Packme were required to pick and pack all of the components and assemble the 10,000 bags, which will be given away during the two day show. Our client was delighted that the bags were not only delivered way ahead of schedule, but also that their presentation far exceeded that which they had anticipated.

Soil Sampling Kits

by Lisa

Every year during the winter months, Packme work alongside a customer that offers a soil sampling service. They provide their clients with a kit that after analysis determines the chemical make up of the soil and can determine what type of crops they should grow. The kits consist of temperature controlling packaging, to ensure consistent results. Kits are then picked and hand assembled by our packing team. Orders are then received via the internet and despatched on a 24 hour delivery, so that customers can receive quick results and consequently plan their planting accordingly.

Pallet Planner

by Lisa

Packme have a unique planning software which means that we can instantly create plans of how inner and outer boxes should be palletised to their fullest potential. This information is used by Packme on behalf of our customers to plan packing, logistics, storage and serves as a useful tool for 'ahead of time' reporting for the retail sector.

Contract Packing - Packs a Punch!

by Lisa

Packme have executed a huge contract packing project, which involves hand punching holes into pre-packed clothing bags to ensure they comply with anti-suffocation standards. Our packers excel at hand finishing projects and we will soon have completed over 1 million bags, punched, packed and returned to the customer.

Pick & Pack

by Lisa

Two brand new projects were awarded to Packme to complete this week. Products were unwrapped and removed from their individual cartons, all waste packaging was to be recycled. Every product required a label to be applied before being transferred to the assembly line. Packaging Supplies (our sister company) provided the corrugated outer cases for the project, which came from their very useful 'stock box' range. Products were then collated into their packs by inserting each one into a polypropylene bag, each bag was then sealed and a barcode label applied. Finished goods were then picked and packed into their outer cases in multiples of 10 and outer case labels were applied to complete the fulfilment.

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