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Food boxes for school children

by Admin

We have recently worked with St Marks Meals who are in partnership with Foodbank MK, to produce a very special food delivery box for children and their families. 

St Marks Meals started life in 2015 working with schools and children’s centres throughout Milton Keynes, to provide lunches during the school holidays to children and their families that struggle to eat during half term.  With 1 in 4 children living in poverty across the county, their new mission is to work directly with schools to not only provide food boxes during the holidays, but also to children that need it every day.

Packaging Supplies were able to keep costs low for St Marks by printing one of our standard sized takeaway food boxes.  This meant that set up costs were kept to a minimum because there was no need for a new cutting tool to be made.  The boxes were then branded with the Meals MK Logo.

You can get your quote for custom printed boxes here

Immediate Media T/A Jewellery Maker - Case Study

by Admin

Jewellery Maker, who are one of the UK’s largest sellers of handmade jewellery supplies through TV advertising, approached Packaging Supplies to provide a packaging solution that needed to meet a particular set of criteria.  The packaging had to be suitable for shipping their online orders, promoting their brand and providing detailed customer information.

The client only wanted small to medium volume at the time and a budget which we had to meet.  This is how we did it:

First, we have a fantastic, broad range of standard postal box sizes, supplied in either Brown Kraft or White Kraft which we hold in stock.  We found two of our sizes fitted their requirements perfectly.  Using boxes from our existing die cut range, meant no tooling costs were necessary, and the unit costs were competitive even on the relatively low numbers required. Combined, this meant costs were saved instantly.

The second challenge we had to overcome was based around the number of product and therefore print variations Jewellery Maker required for each size of box. By offering custom made, digitally printed over sleeves were able to supply 4-5 different print variations for each size of postal box, at no extra cost and with no additional print origination costs.  This also enabled greater flexibility for Jewellery Makers’ future orders. On the next production run, they could alter the individual print run quantities in accordance with their exact requirements and keep the production costs the same without any extra origination required.  If a packaging supplier is limited to just one print method such as lithographic, you may not have such flexibility, which in turn could lead to higher unit and set up costs each time the order is run.

Next our client needed printed booklets, this was relatively straight forward and therefore we produced full colour digitally printed A5 booklets for them, with 16 different print variations to encompass the range of items they were promoting.

Rather than approaching different suppliers for each element of their packaging and printing, Jewellery Maker were able to get a smoother service and continuity on colour and quality by using just Packaging Supplies.  This coupled with the cost savings we were able to apply through our flexible and wide-ranging solutions, meant we were the perfect partnership.

Whatever your packaging requirements are, please get in touch for a comprehensive packaging solution from the one stop packaging supplier.

Gift set packaging for Murdock London

by Admin

Gift set packaging for Murdock London

Towards the end of 2018 we worked closely with Murdock London, to produce a brand-new range of gift set packaging. 

Murdock looked back at their brand heritage, which was built on barbering in Victorian London.  They decided that Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol expressed that period and the Christmas season perfectly and so their 2018 winter gift packaging celebrated the spirit of the British Christmas with a respectful nod to Dickens’s most brilliant works, characters and quotes.

The Murdock gift collections were carefully curated to be useful and thoughtful, keenly priced to suit every gift givers pocket.

The gift box range consisted of seven “drawer” style boxes, all with identical printed bases but with the inserts and printed over sleeves changing for each pack.  The gift packaging was finished in a premium high-gloss and the sleeves had a large clear window to showcase each product range.

A folding box board was used, which worked well in this case as an alternative to a paper over board wrapped rigid box.  Folding box board offers good flexibility when it comes to design and being supplied flat, it saves dramatically on storage and transportation costs.

These packs just had to be folded along the scores and slotted into place and we were happy to produce video tutorials for our client’s fulfilment house showing how each tray and insert worked.

What is Folding Box Board?

Folding box or carton board is a paperboard substrate which is made up of multiple layers of chemical and mechanical pulp.  It’s a low-density material with good rigidity, it has a great surface for printing, and it can be structurally designed into a range of shapes and configurations.

What are Folding Cartons used for?

Folding cartons are mainly used for lighter weight products, this includes frozen and chilled foods, confectionary, pharmaceuticals as well as health or beauty products.  They are used to produce a huge variety of presentation boxes, cartons and sleeves.

Printed box options

The printing options for folding box board are extremely varied, we can quote on lithographic direct print, screen printing or digital printing.  All of which can be used to give high quality, eye catching results.  Many special effects can be added such as embossing/debossing, foil blocking, laminating, UV coating or spot varnish.

Get in touch for a quotation

Kellogg’s Joyböl packaging

by Admin

We produced this study corrugated pack, designed to be used as a sales tool, to promote Kellogg’s new Joyböl range of smoothie bowls.

With the “deskfasting” habit already representing 12% of breakfast occasions and the target audience of urban millennials set to be worth 75% of all packaged food by 2025, Kellogg is on the right track to take advantage of both the trend and the long-term predicted behaviours of busy on the go consumers.

The bold and eye-catching colours used in the branding of the Joyböl were screen printed both inside and out, onto this made to measure, corrugated box and divider set to produce a good quality yet visually appealing pack.

So why was Screen Printing the perfect partner for this job?

Our client was looking for a relatively low production run to trial, but they didn’t want to compromise on the print quality, it was important to reflect the brands vibrant colour scheme through its packaging.  Because silk screen printing is a slower production process to say litho printing, it was a more efficient process to use than some of the other methods at our disposal and therefore offered the best price to achieve the desired quality.  A box like this can also be digitally printed for excellent results but on this occasion, the blank size was too large for that to be an option.

As you can see from the image, silk screen printing was the perfect partner for producing the high- quality imagery and accurate colours required for this particular job. Did you know you can also silk screen print 4 colours process with or without specials?

Packaging Tip;

For the best finish when screen printing onto corrugated, a clay coated board will be used, this will allow for a smoother more even surface to print to. Our team can guide you to the correct combinations of material and print.

Custom cardboard fitting perfect for E-commerce beer boxes and retail packaging

by Lisa

The Brief: Our customer wanted a single solution to enable them to send out all of their beverages, with zero breakages.  We were asked to come up with a design solution for a fitting that could securely hold several beer bottles, of differing sizes, or cans in place.  This fitting, along with an outer shipping box had to withstand being sent via courier network and effectively protect all of the contents. 

The end goals would enable the company to grow their online presence with great customer reviews, whilst finding a solution that was also cost-effective.  

The Twist: This one fitting needed to hold different sizes of bottles or cans, holding in place each one, regardless of its size. 

The Solution: Our design team came up with a concept, whereby part of the fitting can be folded over and used for smaller bottles or left standing for larger ones.  This one cardboard fitting can hold 330ml, 500ml or 600ml bottles or cans.   

The fitting itself is supplied flat, for ease of storage and then made up just before use.  The cardboard fitting folds into itself to make a sturdy platform structure, ready for bottles or cans to be inserted into the pre-cut apertures. 

The Boxes: We also supply a range of custom sized double walled cardboard boxes specifically for these fittings.  The boxes can be branded or supplied plain.  The shipping boxes can hold a different number of fittings so that individual orders can be fulfilled.  Either 1 fitting of 6 bottles, 2 fittings of 12 bottles or 4 fittings with a total of 24 bottles.  

This innovative design is great for wholesalers, niche breweries and any online business selling drinks. All of our cardboard boxes are also supplied flat to save on storage. 

The Result: Our customer now gets better protection for their goods.  Minimal breakages mean reduced costs and more importantly happy customers.  With happy customers the business is now able to grow their online presence via positive customer reviews. 

Get in touch: Whatever packaging challenge you are facing, why not get in touch with Packaging Supplies.  Just send us your brief and we’ll do the rest.  We have a knowledgeable design team and a speedy sampling service to ensure you get the packaging your products need. 



Digital Printing opens door to custom and personalised packaging, brands reaping the rewards.

by Adam

Companies that are seeking the same success as Coke cola and Nutella; The desire of creating the must have Christmas Products.

The sky is the limit with digital printing; brands are utilizing it for marketing campaigns based around personalized packaging. This once deemed near impossible feature is now a genuine possibility, “that’s value creation, and it’s all unlocked via digital printing technology” Said Dion Weisler, chief executive of HP Inc., the personal computer and printing company.

Digital printing was first developed in the 90s; it is only very recently it has become economically viable due to the improvements on price and quality. Recent campaigns are hoping to tap into the success that Coca Cola experienced in 2011 using HP Printers.

This has recently been seen by Mondelez , the maker of Oreos. Their most recent personalized packaging can be seen in the picture at the top of the page. This achieved a huge success on their web site, “Once people arrived at the Oreo website, the purchase conversion was three times higher than the industry average”. The project is now running in China.

 It is China were campaigns like this have really exploded, with 25% of Chinese Consumers saying they are willing to pay more for personalised packaging. The Custom and personalised packaging market is a prime example of new techniques that are being used to engage with the customer.

At the moment, consumers are willing to pay more for their personalised products. However, the more of this type of product that are seen in the market place the less special they become.


Among the most effective users has been Kraft Heinz. The cream of tomato soup costs 50p in a UK Shop, but customers are happy to pay between £2 to £3 to get a Get well soon version.


To find out more about Digital printing and see what options are available to your brand? Speak to one of our friendly team today on 01491 83400 or contact us now

PS Print Shop | Custom Boxes | Custom Packaging | Packaging Supplies blog

by Adam

Flexographic printing: 

Flexo (Flexography) the content for the print is placed on a plate made out of rubber, in the packaging industry this is referred to as a print stereo.  The stereo is ink and subsequently transferred to the printing surface. This process can be used to print on paper as well as plastic, metals, cellophane and other materials.

This versatile and adaptable printing technology is ideal for large-scale reproduction of images or text onto corrugated boxes. Flexo is an ideal cost effective alternative to more expensive lithographic and gravure printing.


What our expertise includes:

·      Producing in food grade environments (BRC IOP)

·      Help with artwork, origination and high quality print knowledge to help make sure the correct print option is selected for your specific requests

·      HD Flexo

·      8 Colours on a UV Printing offset press 

Lithographic printin:

Litho printing (lithography) is a match made in heaven for high quality volume printing. The image is made of a polymer coating and applied to an aluminum plate. This style of print is beneficial when fine detail is required, hence popular with product with fine details. Or those products that are to gain more attention on the shelves, also providing point of sale displays

What our expertise includes:

·      35 years of experience, selecting the right material if it be corrugated or carton board

·      Point of sale displays, printed sleeves and all other folding box boards

·      Assistance in artwork design and packaging layout

·      Our team is your team

·      Mock up samples where required 

Digital Printing:

In the past this has been the most expensive form of printing. However with technology and machines advancing it is giving screen-printing a run for its money. Due to no stereo costs it is becoming increasingly popular for short run or one of products.

Due to no start up cost and being very quick and effect printing process, the real advantages can be seen in the speeds of which goods can be put to the market. Which is why marketing companies are reaping the rewards of this style of printing.

You only have to look at the success of Coca Cola, Marmite & Nuttella; personalized labeling campaigns. Custom packaging, like this has been made possible by digital printing. A campaign like this is possible now for small company’s, not just multinational cooperation’s


What our expertise includes:

·      Printing using four colour process colours (CMYK)

·      Mock up work for point of sale displays (POS)

·      Maybe you want to choose another print option above, digital print can help you have a fully printed mock up to show investors or partners.

·      Get it right the first time with digital print.


Please enquiry online now or speak to one of our well trained & Friendly staff now on 01491 834000

The Corrugated Box Industry is helping to drive the carbon footprint lower for retailers

by Adam

According to the Confederation of paper industries (CPI), the environmental impact of food waste is 10 times as significant as packaging and well designed packaging is the best possible means to minimize the possibility of food getting spoilt or damaged. 

On top of this it is imperative to select an experienced packaging supplier. Through our expertise and experience with a wide range of industries, we can advise on packaging that will help maximize safe storage and reduce transport costs. As consumers push for sustainable business practices to be at the forefront, the service, advice and knowledge that we offer is welcomed with open arms.


Finally the corrugated industry is constantly developing with the aid of new technology to reduce its own impact on the environment. This is shown by the gradual reduction in average board weights over the last 10 years.


Average corrugated board weights at the start of 2015 was 464gsm, a reduction of 12% compared to 2005

There is more to just thinking inside the box, our knowledge is hard earned. Let us pass it on; our reps are specially trained in all aspects, logistics, transport and individual packaging requirements. Don’t hesitate to arrange for one of our representatives to evaluate your operation and requirements.

Quality Packaging; driving customer engagement by creating a packaging experience

by Adam

Drive engagement with quality packaging

Packaging is often an afterthought; it is viewed as something that is only necessary to deliver an item. It really makes a difference when the packaging is a pleasure to open. It can really create a lasting impression.

It is this impression that drives the feeling you have towards the item within the package. This is why we are seeing companies that are requiring us to create a packaging experience on their behalf.

Value adding unpacking experience

The rise of e-commerce has created a new marketing channel that is under-utilized by most companies. Don’t fall into this bracket.

When a product is brought online there are very few touching points that you have with the customer to make a lasting impression. The touching points are much easier to perform face to face which can make the difference to you standing out from your competitors.

Many companies cut corners and cost on packaging, what is an important point is that if you are an e-commerce company the packaging is the next most important item behind the product. This is the chance to really make an impression and enforce your brand.

Repeat business survey  

A recent study by Dotcom distribution has shown that a customer is more likely to make repeat purchases from a provider they deem to have premium packaging.

This same study also revealed that one in ten young adults would share a photo of an online order if the packaging stood out to them.

It is this exposure that brands can gain that is so valuable.

All companies strive to create engagement and discussion with their customers.

How to make your company Unique

·       Print on the inside on the box, shows a much greater attention to detail.

·       Stickers and Labels: Print is not always necessary, stickers or labels can be a cost effective solution.

·       Tape: Printed tape can be used; this will reinforce your brand and at the same time provide tamper protection.

·       Promotional Products: Companies are putting vouchers or sweets with the purchased item.

·       Re-sealable Packaging: Packaging that makes it easy for the customer to return an item if it is the wrong size or is not what was required. This can be a viewed as a very positive and easy option for the customer.

Contact us at Packaging Supplies to talk about how to improve your packaging





World Book day at Packaging Supplies Ltd (Wallingford)

by Adam

World Book day at Packaging Supplies Ltd (Wallingford)



A bit of fun in the office for world book day

Our favourite book has to be the FEFCO box Style guide, which we use throughout the sales team.

Meaning our favourite character has to be Mr Corrugated?

How did we do?

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