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Packaging Waste

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  •   February 21, 2018
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Did you know that as part of our service to you, we can provide a free of charge report on the packaging you have purchased from us in the last year?  Our report contains all the details and information you will need to be able to complete your packaging waste report. 

There is now a legal obligation on all UK businesses, that produce or use packaging, to ensure that a percentage of their packaging is recycled. More than 10 million tonnes of packaging waste is generated each year in the UK, 6 million tonnes of which can be potentially recycled. 

‘Producer Responsibility Law’ is in place to make sure that businesses who manufacture, import or sell products are responsible for them once they become waste. This law encourages minimisation and recycling of all waste. 

If your company has an annual turnover of more than £2 million and handles more than 50 tonnes of packaging a year, you must meet the producer obligations under the packaging regulations. Your business also has an obligation to recycle if you own the packaging and supply it to others, or if you import packaging. 

If you are a manufacturer or seller who uses packaging in large volumes, you must get to know the legal position on recycling, you could be prosecuted and fined for non-compliance. 

If you need any help on packaging waste regulations, contact Packaging Supplies, or alternatively you can find out more about your legal responsibilities on the Environment Agency website here

What our BRC accreditation means for our customers

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  •   November 08, 2017
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Why our BRC Accreditation is a crucial element of our service 

BRC, which stands for British Retail Consortium, is the number one global market leading GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) scheme. Our BRC Accreditation allows us to store food & non-food grade packaging and stationery items destined for restaurants, food retailers, hotels or any other business that handles food, or where products come in to contact with food.

This accreditation means that we follow strict working guidelines to ensure the supply chain meets industry standards and that our products are manufactured to industry quality standards and are stored in a clean controlled environment. 

Why BRC is important to us ……………..

  • BRC is a mark of good working practice
  • All products manufactured by Packaging Supplies are subjected to vigorous quality checks
  • Every item that is manufactured, stored and distributed by Packaging Supplies has full traceability

Why BRC is important to our customers……………

  • Customer are assured that their goods are manufactured to European Environmental Standards
  • Products are stored in secure and hygienic environment
  • Products are handled and distributed with full traceability

Our customers are safe in the knowledge that they are dealing with a business that reaches high levels of competence, in all critical areas.

View our certificate here

Packaging Know-How for the peak season

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  •   September 14, 2016
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5 big packaging mistakes that will see failure in the Peak season 

It sounds incredibly sad however the peak season, the lead up to Christmas will be soon upon us. Within this period planning and forecasting is everything. Which is why you need to start now.

1.     Failure to Plan: We think this is a very good place to start, plan exactly what is required for the packaging of each product. Before the busy season starts you should know exactly the average time that it takes to pack each product, once you know this you can experiment with packaging machines or other packing equipment to decide whether this will assist in speeding up this process. This will then give you valued information for the forecasting for the dispatching of orders and lead times of future orders.

See our Packaging Machines here.

2.     Understanding your demand: This goes hand in hand with planning, this is somewhere where even the largest of large companies can come unstuck. Review you figures from the same quarter the previous year with any expectations of growth or reductions this will help to give you an understanding of what will be required.

3.     Innovate where possible: The Packaging Industry is so large, whether you are a manufacturer, importer or have an online presence there will be a requirement for packaging in some form. However, there are very few packaging companies out there that are actually innovating. The biggest reason for this is that it is cheaper to have a one size fit all packaging. Take Korrvu packaging for example, we have standard sizes to fit phones, iPad’s and many other products. We work hard to develop our online range, so you know exactly what is out there, a snapshot into new products.

4.     Be smart and respectful about Packaging: The biggest mistake that is being made at the moment is that packaging is only being considered within companies for just their own benefit i.e. the one size fits all situations. The largest retailer in the world has been guilty of this, Amazon are under more pressure to reduce their packaging size and waste. How can you be respectful to packaging? The respect comes when considering if the packaging is the right size for the product and how easy it is for your customer to discard the packaging. We have all been there trying to stuff empty pizza boxes into bins, it isn’t enjoyable.

5.     Be prepared for all Outcomes: This is where Packaging Supplies comes into its own. You need to see our warehouse as an extension of your own. Stock and call off is so essential at this point once we have it in stock, we can dispatch it to you on a next day delivery basis (on orders received before 3pm). It gets even easier with your own customer log in, giving you instant stock checks and an online ordering platform through the back office of our website.

These 5 mistakes are just the beginning, with over 35 years in business in this industry we can help to save you time and money. So please feel free to catch up with one of our friendly team today on 01491834000.

Huge price reduction on Featherpost Bubble Envelopes!

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  •   July 13, 2016
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We have made huge price reductions across our entire range of Featherpost Mailers.  These bubble lined envelopes are strong, lightweight, water resistant mailers, suitable for posting all kinds of items.  They can be used for jewellery, electrical components, CD's or other small to medium sized products. An essential for any postal packaging, look no further for very competitive pricing


Buy your Featherpost Mailers online today

Make your Brand Tick!

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  •   November 05, 2015
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Some simple Techniques to really make your Brand Tick! 

With growing customer power on social media, giving them a platform for online review and the increase level of customer choice out there.

The companies that are the most successful in retaining customers through brand loyalty simply don’t just offer what the customer want, they go beyond customer expectation and really make their brand tick.

You might be asking how this relates to packaging.

We believe this is a list all companies should look to tick to reinforce brand loyalty through packaging.

1, Make sure the product is delivered in one piece! Nothing more frustrating than waiting for a parcel to arrive and finding it turns up damaged. It may be the courier company’s fault, but this will result in a negative effect towards your brand.

2, Don’t Over pack – With growing pressure for companies to be environmentally conscientious this is an area where companies can let themselves down. This combined with frustration of being left with the headache of having to dispose of loads of awkward packaging.

3, Make sure your product is assessable – Having packaging that is hard to open is a thing of the past. Designs that include tear strips on the box are a simple solution to this problem, which have no adverse effect on the protection of the product.

4, Branding isn’t just effective on the outside – Not every company want branding on the outside of their packaging due to postal security issues, if it is a high value product. So why not reinforce your brand image with print on the inside of the packaging. This is a key area where companies can go past the expectations of their customers.

5, Offer returnable packaging – Linking nicely to our first point, when a product is damaged or the wrong size. Take the initiative, providing returnable packaging.  Solving this annoying inconvenience for the customer.

We believe that when this list is considered, it shows that companies are constantly seeking out problems that their customers are experiencing and coming up with solutions. This goes a long way to reinforcing your brand and making sure the customer gets the experience they expect and deserve.

Having worked with a wide range of companies, coming up with these sorts of solutions for over 35 years. We would like to hear from you so we can help your company, if you are just starting out or been trading for years it makes no difference to us.

Please find out more here

Packaging Supplies Mission Statement

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  •   October 29, 2015
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"Packaging Supplies have a passion to enhance customer perception of products over a varied and large range of industries. To achieve this we focus our effort on three priorities, innovative design, product protection advice and adding perceived customer value. Aspiring to offer the complete packaging experience" (2015)

Packaging supplies thought it was time to update our mission statement, we believe this update best states who we help, how we do it and what our aims are for the future.

Click here for more information on Bespoke Packaging

Friction Weld Tools

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  •   July 02, 2015
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Packaging Supplies have a new range of battery powered Friction Weld Tools available to buy online.

Each of the Friction Weld tools available come complete with battery and charger and additional spare batteries can also be purchased.

Friction Weld Tools are for use with both polypropylene (PP) and polyester (PET) strapping.  The battery powered tools will tension, seal and cut your PP or PET strapping with minimal effort.

Friction Weld Tools can be pre-programmed and there are semi-automatic or fully automatic models.

Friction Weld Tools will make light work of safely strapping Boxes, Pallets, Bales and Crates.

To find out more information on our range of battery powered Friction Weld tools, please get in touch with us.

Sealing Products

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  •   May 28, 2015
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Last week we looked at our heat sealing products, so this week we thought we would continue the theme and cover the other types of sealing products that are available to buy from our Online Shop.

Shrink Guns – Using a heat shrink gun is a fast and effective way to secure your covers to pallets.  Covering your pallets in this way will provide protection when in storage or transportation.  Packaging Supplies also supply a good range of Pallet Covers online.

Packaging Supplies have a great value heat shrink gun that can be used with a range of different films.  All of the extras that you need are supplied together with the heat shrink gun in a carry case and include spare igniter, spanner, oil and safety goggles.

Glue Guns – A hand held glue gun will accurately dispense instantly bonding, non-toxic adhesive to a number of different surfaces such as ceramics, plastics, cardboard and paper.  The glue sticks / slugs come in hot melt and low melt in a range of different sizes. 

Come back next week when we will look at the products available for stapling.

For more information or prices on any of our products, please contact Packaging Supplies Ltd.

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We are certified by BRC Global Standards for the storage of food & non-food grade packaging; the storage of stationery items destined for restaurant groups and the contract packing of singular factored ambient-stable food sachets into retail/wholesaler packs.

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