8 Fun and Creative Fast Food Packaging Ideas

If you’re looking for some packaging inspiration, we have eight fast-food packaging ideas that will get your creative juices flowing

Congratulations on your new fast food product! You have gone through the long process of deciding on what products you want to produce, you’ve finessed the taste —and you’ve made choices on branding, values and long-term vision. But don’t forget the importance of packaging. In a highly-competitive market, you need to do all you can to grab your customer’s attention and set your products apart. In essence, you need your products to be shelf-ready while having shelf appeal.

Here are some great examples of fun and creative, fast-food packaging ideas to inspire the design stage of your next venture.

1. A Cupcake in an Oven Packaging

Cupcake in an Oven Packaging.

Source: Etsy

Packaging like this is a great way of turning an everyday product into a fun, sought-after item. This oven packaging gives the cupcake an almost luxury feel — and it’ll certainly make your product stick around in your customer’s minds.

2. SpoonLidz

SpoonLidz by Eco Tensil provides serious convenience for their customers, especially when you consider on-the-go snacking. The lids of these yoghurt pots are made out of quality, robust materials. They fold into the shape of a spoon when removed from the pot so parents — who already have far too much to pack and remember for simple day trips — don’t have to worry about cutlery.

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3. A Convenient Packaging Solution for Ketchup and Chips

French fries packaging with a pocket for ketchup.

This creative designer makes it easy to have your chips and ketchup in one container without too much mess. Perfect for anyone who hates the idea of sticky fingers.

4. Creative Popcorn Packaging

Black popup popcorn packaging.

This packaging idea was brought about by designer AnniNykänen, who was inspired by the art of origami. When the popcorn is cooked, the packaging expands into a beautiful, angular serving bowl.

5. Packaging That Detects Spoiled Meat

Meat packaging with oxygen sensor.

You need to consider the needs of your consumer at all times and when it comes to meat, one particular issue people are worried about is spoilage — and the sniff test isn’t a reliable gauge! This packaging can reveal when meat goes bad. Chemists at MIT developed this smart packaging, which contains tiny carbon nanotubes that act as “spoil sensors”. When rotting meat emits gases, the strip of film on the packaging changes to indicate whether or not the food inside is safe to eat.

6. Very Muscular Buns

Fit buns packaging.

Bodybuilding is big business today — the more protein, the better. But there is a lot of competition, so smart businesses are doing all they can to stand out. These protein-enriched bread rolls are hard to overlook, for obvious reasons! Clearly, the Fitness Academy knows what they’re doing and who their target customer is.

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7. Gold Fish Tea Bags

Tea bag packaging in gold fish design.

These goldfish tea bags from Taiwan have gained a lot of attention for a simple reason — they’re beautiful. Charm Villa could have easily gone for the standard teabag design, and probably saved some money in the process. But designing teabags like the one in the image above intrigue and engage customers, making them feel like they’re getting a little bit extra for their money.

8. Fruit Juice Delivered in Fruit Skins

Juice box packaging in banana concept.

This incredible range of juice packaging was brought about by Japanese industrial designer Naoto Fukasawa. Fukasawa designed a series of fruit juice packages that look — and feel — just like the fruit they contain. The series, called “Juice Skin”, is a great example of sensory marketing and design. It’s a simple — but genius — idea that customers love.

Packaging is a huge business consideration and one that can make a big difference to your profits and the longevity of your company. If you’re looking for bespoke packaging and exciting design ideas, get in touch for a free packaging quote.